Do you need a quick workflow action to process lots of pictures that need a bit of help, but no special treatment?  You’ve found a free action for Photoshop Elements that will streamline your workflow and save time!


This action is based on my Perfect Photoshop Elements Workflow Tutorial.

Download the original version through a shopping cart by clicking on the button below:


Download the action that doesn’t duplicate your image by clickin on the “without Dup” button below.

DP Moms Perfect Workflow without Dup
There are a couple of things to keep in mind as you use this action.

  • First off, run the action on a cropped and flattened image.  Also, run a noise reducing process if you need to.
  • Second, to avoid having to break one action into 4 separate actions, I made each layer build off the previous layer.  For that reason, it’s not possible to adjust the layers after the action runs.  Make sure your settings are good before pressing OK on any of the dialogue boxes.
  • The first version of the action creates a duplicate of your image and performs its edits on that duplicate.  The second action works on your original image.

Instructions for Running the Digital Photography for Moms Perfect Photoshop Elements Workflow Free Action:

(Yes, I know, that’s a mouthful.)

  1. Download and install the action using these instructions.
  2. Double click on the action icon.
  3. Press Continue after the intro message.
  4. If you have cropped your image, press Continue.  If not, press Stop, crop and start over.
  5. If your image is Flattened (has only one layer), press Continue.  If not, press Stop, right click on the layers palette to flatten, and start over.
  6. Adjust the Lighten Shadows and Darken Highlights sliders.  For my example image, I lightened shadows by 5% and darkened highlights by 10%.  In many images, you will only need adjust on one of these lines.  Move the other to 0, if so.
  7. Adjust Levels to your satisfaction.  See this Levels tutorial for help.  For this example image, after adjusting the RGB channel of Levels, I decreased midtones in the Red channel to reduce the red in my daughter’s skin and remove the color cast.
  8. Next, an Unsharp Mask dialogue will open for the Defog process.  For my example image, I changed the Amount to 10, the Radius to 20 and the Threshold to 1.  See this Defog Tutorial for more settings to try.  Remember that this step is for defogging, not sharpening, so the settings might look odd.
  9. Finally, the Blemish/Hotspot removal layer will open.  Use the Healing Brush or Clone tool to remove blemishes, specks or hotspots.  See this tutorial for more help.
  10. After removing blemishes, flatten your image.
  11. Now is a great time to run a CoffeeShop Action if you’d like to add a special something to your picture.  Some of Rita’s actions contain levels or other adjustments – you only need to use them in one action or the other, not twice.
  12. If not, sharpen and save.  You’re finished in no time flat!

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