This Photoshop Elements action, which creates digital backdrops of any color in 10 sizes, was created for Photoshop by SB Photography.  Thank you Shannon, for allowing me to convert it for Photoshop Elements!

A Texas Chicks reader contacted me months ago asking if I could come up with something similar for PSE after she found it on Action Central.

She was so patient waiting for me to work on this action.  Several months after her initial request, she followed up with me to ask if I had worked on it.  This isn’t the type of action that I would use in my own photography – backdrops aren’t my style, and you know how I avoid anything in Photoshop that involves selections!  But it was an easy conversion, and if it’s helpful for one reader, others might appreciate it as well.

Click on the next link to dowloand:

Download here.

When running this action in Photoshop Elements, you must have another document (any document, it doesn’t matter which) open first.

Installation Notes:

These actions are designed to create actions groups in your effects palettes in PSE 5 and 6 – use the drop down menu in the Effects Palette to access them.  For PSE 7 and 8, this action set installs via the action player.


Open the PSE 5 folder and copy and paste the entire SB Digital Backdrop by Texas Chicks folder into the appropriate location on the PSE 5 navigation pathMake sure you copy the folder, not just the files inside it. This will give you an action group in PSE 5 which you access via the drop down menu in the Artwork and Effects palette.


Copy and paste the ATN and PNG files into the Photo Effects folder in the appropriate PSE 6 navigation path.  Copy and paste the XML files into Locale/en_US/Photo Creations Metadata/photo effects.  These XML files will give you action groups in the PSE 6 Effects Palette, and you will find the navigation path to the Locale folder by reading the instructions on the PSE 6 navigation path pages.

PSE 7 & 8

These actions work in the simple-to-install action player.  Look for Locale/en_US/Workflow Panels/Actions.  After pasting the folders into that location, open PSE, go to the Guided Edit and select the Action Player.

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