Thank you for visiting Digital Photography for Moms!  Below, you will find a link to download my latest free action – the DPM Noise Reducer.  You will also find some tips for using it as well as a link for how to install this action into Photoshop Elements.

Noise before after

Rember to run this action on a flattened image.  That is, you should start with an image in Photoshop which only has one layer, called Background.

Keep in mind that removing noise is the opposite of sharpening.  To keep a crisp focus, it’s necessary to reduce noise on as few pixels as possible.  The beauty of this action is that it allows you to identify the color channel with the most noise and work only on that channel to maintain maximum sharpness.

This action also applies a layer mask on each noise layer so that you can mask out the effects on areas like eyes that should be super sharp.

After you run this action, no changes will be visible.  Zoom in on your photo and click the eyeball on each new layer, one by one.  Choose the noise layer that removes the most noise and delete the other two.

You can reduce the opacity on your new layer, if needed.  On the other hand, if you need more noise reduction, flatten your image and run the action for a second time.

The how-to for installing actions in Photoshop Elements is here.

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And finally, click on the button below to download the action.

DPM Noise Reducer

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