Everyone send thanks to Frank Gross, who tweaked and improved my Drop Shadow Free Action for Photoshop Elements!

You might have noticed that running the original action changes the size of your images a bit.  Frank wanted an action that created a drop shadow and left the image size unchanged. Realizing that such an action would require algebra, I explained the theory to him and told him to do the math.

Well, he did!  He even added a couple of neat touches like saving and closing the files – however, PSE didn’t play nicely with those batch processing shortcuts so I had to remove them.

Frank, a sincere thanks to you for making these actions available to everyone!  You guys should check out his work before you download these actions.  He also has an Etsy shop.  I love the faces made out of stuff!


The download contains two actions – one for horizontal oriented pictures and another for vertical images.

Make sure you run the action on a flattened image.

Instructions for installing in Elements are here.

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