Thank you so much for reading Texas Chicks.  To show my thanks, I’d like to help you show yours!

This free action for Photoshop Elements will create a notecard just the right size for printing on 10×7 card stock, so that you can make a 5×7 card to send.

Run the action, and the card will build before your eyes.  The action will prompt you to navigate to a photo that you’d like to place on your card.  You can even change the color or size of the outline and create a background from digital paper or even another photo.

Which photo should you put on your card?  Well, you can make as many different cards as you’d like, but here are a few ideas:

  • Your initial, as captured in a photo from somewhere interesting
  • A photo of you using the gift that you are thankful for
  • This would be great for kids’ thank yous too!
  • A beautiful landscape or wildlife shot
  • Flowers or other still lifes
  • Can even be used for a quickie holiday card!

Need-to-know info for running this action:

  • This action does not include digital paper or photos to place on the card.
  • This action must be installed into the Effects Palette of Photoshop Elements.  Instructions are here.
  • If you encounter installation issues, please read this Troubleshooting article carefully.
  • The action will ask you to navigate to the photo you want to place on the card.  You must do this.
  • The action will also ask you to navigate to a digital paper to use as the background.  If you don’t want a background, click Cancel.
  • Click on fx to change the color or size of the frame.
  • Printing with digital paper backgrounds can be tricky.  Your paper has to be placed perfectly in the printer, and you need to remove all print margins or borders via your printer driver.  Sometimes, if there is a small white outline around your paper, it’s easier to trim it with a paper cutter.
  • I recommend Red River Papers GreenPix Warm Tone Photo Matte (7″ x 10″) for notecards created with these actions.  High quality prints on recycled paper.
  • Envelopes?  Try these from Jam Paper.  Lots of color choices and the size is perfect.  I love that Brown Kraft Paper Bag version.
  • Enjoy!

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