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I’m Erin Peloquin.  I create the products and write the tutorials here at Texas Chicks.  This is your source for learning Elements, Lightroom and photography.  

I teach online classes in Lightroom and Elements, have videos for you to watch, and write weekly free tutorials!  

Before you start downloading your actions, check out the one setting you can change on your camera NOW to improve focus.  It’s one of my most popular!

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Are you ready for the actions?  This is a collection of actions I’ve created through the years.  Some of them are very old.  None of them is meant to be run on every photo you edit – these are fun little tricks meant to spruce up the right photo.

Here, you can download one file containing all the free actions I offer.  They are compatible with Elements 6 and up.   In Elements 6-10, they will have their own menu group in the Effects Panel.  In Elements 11, they will all be in one action set.

Click here to download your actions zip file.  If it doesn’t pop up automatically, you will find it in your Downloads folder, or wherever your computer is configured to store downloads.

To install the actions, simply download the file by clicking the link above, unzip it, and save the contents to your hard drive.  Open the new folder and install the appropriate files for your version of Elements by following these installation instructions.

You can install all the actions at the same time.  If you have already installed some of my free actions, you can simply overwrite them with this set.

If you have installation problems, please note that I am not able to provide support due to the high number of daily downloads.  I have detailed installation instructions and troubleshooting tips on this website – you have all the info you need to install these actions.  

If you are just starting out in Elements, Ready, Set, Actions! will teach you everything you need to know about Elements to get the most out of your actions.  Read about it here.

For more information on using these specific actions, read through each of these pages:

Your download includes these actions as well:

  • Luminosity Sharpening (the MCP sharpening action linked to below might be just as good as this one.)
  • LAB Color Boost
  • Oh, the Drama

Please note that I have retired the following actions because better free sets are available.  Follow the links in parenthesis to download the newer free sets from MCP Actions.

Enjoy your actions!  

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